A new way to learn entrepreneurship

The Startupland Online Course consists of a 6-part documentary series and comprehensive curriculum which feature 30+ entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts who give realistic insight into what it takes to be a startup founder.        

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A Comprehensive Online Learning Platform

The Startupland Online Course offers a self-paced learning environment that includes the 6-part series and lessons to guide you along the way. Combined with real-life insight, lessons, peer discussion, and case studies, the online course gives a realistic look at what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur...while demystifying the process. 

The Startupland documentary has been an essential tool in providing our students with an authentic and educating look at startups. I would recommend that every entrepreneurship program embeds the documentary into their curriculum.
— Marc Steren // The Bullis School
Startupland provided our student entrepreneurs with an authentic picture of the effort needed to survive in today’s fast paced startup environment. It delivered a meaningful educational experience through first person story-telling in a truly relatable way.
— Jeff Reid // Georgetown University

Built on the 6 Part Documentary Series

Startupland is the authentic story of five CEOs taking their companies from idea stage to seed funding through an accelerator program. Featuring interviews with the (co)founder of AOL, Reddit, LivingSocial, Springboard Enterprises, MapQuest and many others, this 6-part series is a compass that can help guide founders down the circuitous path through startupland.

*The Curriculum includes the series, uses it as a backbone, then dives deeper and expands on key topics.